Sheet Metal and Weldments
    Sheet metal is an important metal form used in metalworking industry. It could have different thicknesses and could be cut and bent into various shapes. A lot of metals like: aluminium, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, tin, nickel, titanium could be processed into sheet metal and then could be used in applications for important industries, such as: automotive, aerospace, oil, medical, construction, agricultural machinery and many others.
Gas Tank Sheetmetal Design
Sheetmetal Part Sheetmetal Weldment
    The services we provide consist in designing and detailing sheet metal parts and assemblies. We also offer assistance in finding good solutions for generating weldments: machine bodies, conveyor suports, frames, etc.
    The work scheme is simple: based on information supplied by customers, which could be a hand sketch, a layout, some pictures, old CAD files or any other kind of useful information, TudorTech Design creates the 3D model followed by the detail drawing.

Final Part
Detail Drawing

Provided Layout
Part in Assembly
Final Part
    In case of design change, it is very easy and convenient to make modifications to the sheet metal part using the 3D modeling software. And because the software is parametrical, the changes applied to the part are automatically reflected into the detail drawing.
    The 3D sheet metal parts contain two instances: the bent model and the flat state form. The second instance is important, specially for very complex parts, to generate the DXF files necessary for CNC laser cutting machines.

Final Part
Flat State Form
DXF File
    All drawings include GD&T and machining specifications and if required dimensions could be linear or ordinate depending on customer's request.
    We offer sheet metal design for a wide variety of industrial fields. Some of these are: automotive, industrial machinery, medical, power generation, aerospace, agricultural equipment, etc.

    Using surfaces our engineers are able to create complex geometry for punches and dies.
    They are also able to design all kinds of weldments and create the assembly drawings completed with detailed views of each weldment component and all technical information required, including weld symbols.
    We have an expertise in these softwares: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Solid Edge, Inventor and Autocad.

We quarantee that the information provided to us will always remain strict confidential.
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