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TudorTech Design is an Engineering Consulting Company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was founded as a provider of mechanical design solutions and technical support for North American companies operating in industrial sectors such as: automotive, nuclear, heavy machinery, food and beverage, aerospace, industrial automation, etc.

We provide engineering services ranging from part and product design to large and complex assembly design and simulation, along with 3D modeling and drafting-detailing support. Even though our work is just designing and drafting, we can anytime assist you in finding a company that could manufacture your products.

           The remuneration ways for the rendered services can take various forms depending on customer's demands. Two of the most common methods are presented below, but we are always opened for new proposals:
  • Fixed price per project;
  • Pre-assigned hourly rates (for cases when it is difficult to estimate the time due to the project complexity)

Our focus has been to provide the highest quality and best value to our customers, which support them to compete and be successful in the struggle against competitors and, also, help them to become more profitable.
            At TudorTech Design we treat all our customers in the same manner since all of them are important for us and could be potential partners to collaborate with.
            For designing assemblies and automated machines we use a lot of purchased components. Check below the list of suppliers we usually work with:





* 3D CAD models available to download
For any request, please, email us at: 'engineering@tudortechdesign.com'
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