CAD Conversion
  For industrial companies, CAD conversion has become an essential need in managing large quantities of paper documents. It eliminates the storage spaces and improves the retrieval time, and also allows the documents to be reworked faster and easier. Our engineers have years of experience in paper to CAD conversion and they are able to accurately convert documents from the most basic to the extremely complex ones.
Assembly Drawing Sheet Metal Drawing
Machining Drawing Weldment Drawing
   We offer cost effective solutions to produce the most accurate mechanical and drafting design conversion to and from most major CAD drawing format (DXF, DWG, etc.) as well as model conversion to IGES, STP and many others.
    When products, systems, machinery and devices work well and safely, it is often because they meet standards. The standards at TudorTech Design are:
  • ISO, DIN for metric system
  • ANSI, ASME Y14.5M-1994 for U.S. system
     ● Drafting Board Drawing or Hand Sketch    to    2D Drawing (electronic format)

Hand Sketch
3D Model
Parametric Drawing
   The process of conversion is presented in the pictures above. Starting from existing hand sketches or draft board drawings we will create the 3D parametrical model and also the detailed drawing. The advantage is that every change made in the model will be automatically updated in the drawing.
    When applicable part drawings come completed with GD&T and assembly drawings complete with BOM.

     ● 3D Models or Assembly    to    2D Drawing (electronic format)

   Another situation is when you supply the part model or an assembly and we will do the drawing following the required standard. All drawings will be done in an accurate manner and provided to you in the desired format.

     ● Update to existing 3D Model, Assembly or Drawing

   This is applied to the situation when due to a large amount of work your designers are very busy and you need some projects to be updated, including the 3D models and the related drawings or BOM for assemblies. Based on a good cooperation we can offer you amazing services.

     ● From existing 3D Platform    to    Different 3D Platform

   In many cases your projects might be done in a different CAD platform than your supplier's which would make very difficult the collaboration between the parts. Whenever you are in this situation or you cannot use exchange files (IGES, STP, etc.) we could help converting your projects to the required CAD platform.
    We have an expertise in these softwares: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Solid Edge, Inventor and Autocad.

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