Product Design and Development
    Product design and development is an interesting and challenging part of the design world. It is a complex process that consists not only in the design of the product itself, but also the design of technologies related to the manufacturing aspect of that product.
    TudorTech Design provides amazing professional services of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems.
Flower Vase Plastic Case
Mill Wheel Aluminum Gate
    Due to the flexible aspect of our services we are able to assist you at any stage of your product development. With rapid prototyping we complete the product design and development range of services.
    The process of creating or developing new products and services is a vast work that, usually consists in several phases. The phases we can assist with are briefly explained below:

     ● Product Conception

    This primary phase is based on producing design objectives that define the new product in terms of what it will do, who will purchase/use it and what it will communicate.

     ● Concept Generation

    The main purpose of concept generation is to create new ideas by trying to find different ways to solve a problem. There are many activities and techniques helping to produce ideas, but none is more important than controlling the criticism and evaluation of the concepts.

     ● Concept Development

    The concept development phase is specific to the activity of integration the conceptual design with the manufacturing processes. This is the point where we start to give shape and scale to the new product using a 3D modeling software.

     ● Detail Design

    Within this phase our designers break down the product into its individual parts and detail each of them. Once all the product components are detailed, it is time to put them together and form the final design.

Concept Generation
Final Design
    We have an expertise in these softwares: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Solid Edge, Inventor and Autocad.

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