Jigs and Fixtures Design
    Whether jigs and fixtures are used for repeatability and exact duplication of a part for reproduction, or for holding objects in place and clamp them for machining, they are very important devices for the manufacturing industry. They are almost irreplaceable in the mass production offering many advantages such as: speed production, production cost reduction, consistent quality, elimination of machining errors, machine operator's safety improvement.
Fork Fixture Pneumatic Fixture
Part Control Fixture Rotational Fixture
    Our engineers have experience in designing hydraulic, pneumatic and manual jigs and fixtures. Some of the most common applications are:
  • CNC machine workholdings
  • precision fixtures for CMM
  • workholdings for welding processes
  • jigs and fixtures for drilling, grinding, milling, gear, etc.
  • toggle clamping systems
    The work process for almost all projects consists of few stages presented below but whenever required the process can be changed to totally satisfy our customers. The common procedure is:
  • reviewing the finished part drawing and the requirements data sheet supplied by the customer;
  • design the fixture based on specifications (provided in the data sheet);
  • send the design to the customer for approval;
  • if the design gets approved then:
    • generate 2D detail drawings for the jigs and fixtures components
    • generate the assembly drawing for the fixture
    • bill of materials
    • conformity with ANSI or ISO standards and company requirements
  • if the design does not get approved then we improve the design considering customer suggestions.
    We have an expertise in these softwares: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Solid Edge, Inventor and Autocad.

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