Forging, Casting and Machining Design
   Forging and casting are some of the most important processes of the manufacturing industry. Industrial sectors like: automotive, aerospace, agricultural machinery and equipment, oil process equipment, hand tools and hardware, marine and general equipment cannot be efficient without these processes.
    Forgings are used in high performance, strength, and reliability applications where tension, stress and load are critical considerations.
Bracket Elbow
Spur Gear Pump Body
   TudorTech Design offers forging, casting and machining design solutions and produces accurate 3D models that could be used as an assembly part or a designing support for molds and dies. Detail drawings are also supplied along with the 3D models.
   The work procedure is presented in the pictures below this paragraph. After our engineers make sure the customer design intention is properly understood and based on provided information, such as: pictures, sketches, a mechanical layout or any other kind of input data, the 3D model and the corresponding detail drawing will be created in conformance with international standards.

Draft Check
Final Part
Provided Layout
Design Process
Final Part
     ● About Part and Model Tree

   The part model tree is an important tool to navigate through the model features. For our part models we use markers in the model tree which makes the updating process easier and faster in case of a design change. It also facilitates the way of handling the features (suppress) in order to use the part for mold design before machining.
   We supply our part models complete with 3-5 mm of machining allowance and with standard drafting angles for inside and outside faces. We also create the parting line and we make the draft check in order to get the best design solutions for our valuable customers.

Start Part
Part Skeleton
Part Geometry
Draft Check
Part from Mold
Final Part
     ● About Machining

   The services for machined parts include the models, which could be used to create the CNC machine files and the corresponding drawings which come complete with all the required information for machining processes: turning, milling, mortising, finish grinding, etc.
   All drawings include GD&T specifications and if required dimensions could be linear or ordinate depending on customer's requirement.
    We have an expertise in these softwares: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Solid Edge, Inventor and Autocad.

Material Block
Machined Part
Detail Drawing
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