Custom Design Machinery
    TudorTech Design strives to offer the best services in custom design machinery completed with the best effective solutions that could be found on the market.
    Our technical solutions cover a wide range of industrial or non industrial branches. When it comes to machine design we are not limited to only one kind. Due to their vast experience, our engineers are capable to accomplish design for, basically, everything starting
Blast Hoover Plastic Case
Mill Wheel Aluminium Gate
from individual pieces of equipment to larger machines and complex systems used in different sectors: industrial, medical, food and beverage, etc.
    In the process of designing we are very carefull when we choose our suppliers, just because, we are always comitted to blend the top quality products with the cost effective solutions. In other words, best quality for less money.
    Speaking about how we can assist our valuable customers in designing custom
machinery, there are two ways we can do it:

     ● New Design Machine

    Starting from the desired manufactured product supplied by our customers we can design precisely the manufacturing machine following the required specifications;

     ● Upgrading machine

    For technical or financial reasons companies need to upgrade their existing production systems and equipment. We can help designing that.

    Either way the design provided by TudorTech Design guarantees that:
  • all machines are conform with the standards, are reliable, safe and easy to operate and maintain;
  • all machines will totally meet the requirements of your project;
  • using CAD tools we ensure the accuracy of design conception.
    TudorTech Design engineering team implemented soutions to many types of machines. Below are some example of our work:
  • cutting, sawing and routing machines;
  • pick and place systems;
  • indexing machines;
  • press machines;
  • welding systems;
  • robotics cells;
  • winding machines;
  • stapling machines;
  • punching machines;
  • sorting systems;
  • conveyors systems;
  • counting systems;
  • drilling machines.

    We have an expertise in these softwares: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Solid Edge, Inventor and Autocad.

We quarantee that the information provided to us will always remain strict confidential.
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