Assemblies, Exploded View and Simulations
  TudorTech Design offers services of generating assemblies, exploded views and motions, simulations.
           Our area of expertise ranges from single assemblies to multi-level, highly complex sub-assemblies and full assemblies consisting of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components.
           Using our services to design ready-to-install assemblies you save time and minimize your inventory and the cost of assemblies' components.
Car Suspension Distribution
Power Unit Motor
           Our most important purpose is to supply the optimum solution for the assembly design that you need to satisfy your customer's requirements.
           Aside from offering designing solution for electro-mechanical assemblies, we can also assist you in sourcing and quoting the materials and the purchased components included in BOM. We get 3-4 quotes from different suppliers for each component and choose the best offer.

     ● Product Conception

           The work process usually consists of the steps presented below but whenever required we are opened to new proposals meant to facilitate the communication between us and our valuable customers:

- receiving the parts or/and subassemblies from customers (3D models); if required we can create the missing parts;

- creating the assembly using provided parts;

- analyzing the assembly to find any possible collision or interference between components;

- if necessary and after having the customer approval, we can improve the design in order to eliminate any possible issues;

- after making sure everything works properly, we generate the assembly drawing completed with all manufacturing specifications and BOM;

- if required we source and quote the materials and purchased components;

- last step is supplying the 3D assembly model, the assembly drawing and a file containing all components' suppliers and components' quotes;

Assembly Drawing

           We also come up with two innovative techniques of representing the parts or subassemblies within the top level assembly.
           First one is a 2D representation of a part 'inside' a background symbol, which is shown in dash line and is related to the view. The background Does not increase the the file size as it is just an inserted symbol.
           Second one is a 3D representation of a part mated with the envelope of the top level assembly. Envelopes do not add mass to the part and do not increase the file size.
           In industry, both representations make easier the process of assembling by providing clearly the mounting place of the part within a large assembly. An exemple of what means background and envelope could be seen below.
Envelope Representation
Background Representation
     ● Exploded Views

           An exploded representation, always, makes easier to understand how the parts fit together within an assembly. Each part is separated from the rest to show its detail, to show the place where it fits and how it is installed on the top level assembly. For the assemblies consisting in lots of parts it is favorable to use the detail of an exploded representation. This is the most convenient way to show the parts that otherwise would be hidden by other.
Exploded Representation
Exploded Drawing
     ● Simulations

           Simulation is a great feature of the 3D softwares which heps a lot in the process of designing assemblies and entire machines. Whenever required simulation could be used to present final assemblies to customers who do not have technical knowledge making them to understand how everything works.
          Simulation also could be used to analyze the behavior of mechanical assemblies. Engineers, regularly, use it to understand how various components interact and behave according to physical laws, as it allows to generate different types of movement: rotation, translation, gravity, spring oscillations, etc.

           The great advantage offered by the process of simuation is designing and analyzing without being necessary to manufacture and test expensive and time consuming physical prototypes.
           We have an expertise in the following software: SolidWorks, ProENGINEER, Inventor and Autocad.

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